Adam Weiss D.M.D.

“Success in life is not a random act, but takes significant effort and a modicum of luck. As you plan for a successful career in Orthodontics, look for those who can help you with the many facets of Orthodontic practice. This is one such place offering guidance, encouragement, and support throughout your professional journey.”
– Adam Weiss, D.M.D.
– Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics
– Clinical Adjunct Assistant Professor, The Alan J. Borislow Division of Orthodontics,  Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

Mentoring and Coaching the Next Generation

“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.”
– J Loren Norris

Young Orthodontists today are leaving residency and being asked to enter into private practice, hitting the ground running. Oftentimes, new Orthodontists have no readily-accessible mentor to aid their development. Meanwhile, they are asked to juggle major decisions regarding the type of practice they want to operate in, the contracts that will outline their relationship, and the financial impact educational loans will have on their practice options. Through, I am offering access to the knowledge and expertise that I have amassed from building my own practices and working with mentees in the past, to support new Orthodontists as they launch their careers. This website is your portal to our mentor/mentee relationship, which will be the foundation by which we plan your long-term success.

A bit about me: my name is Dr. Adam Weiss and I have been privately practicing Orthodontics for the past 32 years. I am board-certified and currently own/manage 8 Orthodontic/Pediatric Dental practices across the Philadelphia region. I have experience developing all models of private practice and have been employed as a faculty member at Albert Einstein Medical Center’s Department of Orthodontics since 2020.

Core Areas of Guidance: Practice Model Selection, Case Reviews and Clinical Discussions, Customer Handling, Contract negotiations, Work/Life balance

Practice Model Selection: I have significant experience operating all types of practice models including traditional fee-for-service, referral-based practices, combined Orthodontic/Pediatric dentistry practices, practices that participate in no insurance, as well as practices that include PPO and Medicaid participation. Each model offers its own advantages and disadvantages. I also have insight into the DSO model. My goal is to help you understand which model suits your needs best and how to get started from the ground up. Educational loan debt can significantly impact these options.

Case Reviews and Clinical Discussion: The focus of this guidance is not intended to help you with another way to correct something such as a Class II, but instead is intended to offer you a sounding board and second opinion as you work through difficult cases or review clinical Orthodontics.

Customer Handling: Orthodontic practices are like most businesses in that they revolve around people. Customer satisfaction will be one of the key drivers impacting the growth of your customer base, referrals, and overall success. With 32 years of experience in the field, I can share my best practices for creating exceptional customer experiences and fostering the positive spread of word from patients. We can also cover the significant importance of handling support staff to promote a positive and productive work environment.

Contract Negotiations: Negotiating a contract that is fair to both you and the practice hiring you is integral to a successful working relationship. Reviewing your concerns, and offering an owner/employer perspective can help make for a smoother negotiation.

Work/Life Balance: A successful Orthodontic career includes the ability to balance your work and after-work activities. It is true that all work and no play can have a negative impact on your quality of life. I hope to ease the stress and sometimes frustration associated with leaving residency and starting your career.

Terms: This mentorship opportunity is being offered at no cost for Orthodontic residents and will include six complimentary 1-hr sessions. I will offer advice based on my experiences and offer professional direction to guide you in your post-residence career. This site is also available to those who have entered into private practice, who can also utilize my services through hourly fees. Each engagement will be catered to every mentee’s specific needs and goals. All conversations/correspondences will be held strictly confidential.

I look forward to helping you with your personal transition into the wonderful field of Orthodontics!

Disclaimer: advice offered through this website should never replace advice from your personal attorney, accountant, and/or certified financial advisor.

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“Words really can’t describe how much I learned and how much you taught me in the 2 years that I worked for you! From the way you treat your patients to the way you treat your team, I learned more (positive) things from working along side you then I have from anyone else in the past 20 years!!”

Dr. Joanna Levin, Orthodontist, Denver, CO


"Words really can’t describe how much I learned and how much you taught me in the 2 years that I worked for you! From the way you treat your patients to the way you treat your team, I learned more (positive) things from working along side you then I have from anyone else in the past 20 years!!"

Joanna Levin, Orthodontist, Denver, CO ​

“I was extremely fortunate to work with Dr. Adam Weiss as an associate shortly after completion of my residency. He has been a wonderful mentor for me and offered invaluable clinical, business and management advice to me over the last decade. I am grateful we have kept in touch as colleagues and friends after all these years.”

Kristen Lowe, Orthodontist, Denver, CO

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have had Dr. Weiss as a mentor since 2018. We have reviewed many of the pivotal (and trivial) hurdles I’ve faced since exiting residency and now through managing my own practice. A humble and insightful person, he has been there with actionable advice which has paid dividends throughout the years. I am lucky to have him in my corner.”

Ross Aronson, Orthodontist, Waterbury, CT

“I have been extremely fortunate to have had Dr. Weiss as a mentor during multiple stages of my career as an orthodontist. He was an invaluable resource during residency and beyond. During my job search, he provided excellent advice as well as encouragement as I navigated the challenges of being a new grad. He also has been an invaluable source of knowledge as I progress in my career. He has been a resource for everything from loan repayment strategies to advice on starting my own practice. Most importantly he is a great role model who genuinely enjoys helping others succeed.”

Gloria Lee, Orthodontist, Milwaukee, WI

“My mentorship with Dr. Weiss has been more than what I could have expected. Not only do I have a friend in Dr. Weiss, but a go-to for case discussions, diagnosis and treatment planning and anything business related. He has been so helpful in transitioning from residency to private practice. He truly has been only one call away for so many situations that I’ve needed help with and I’m truly so grateful that the AAO brought us together."

Mallory Vernaccio, Orthodontist, Haddonfield, NJ

I’m very lucky to have connected with Dr. Weiss and learn from his many years of experience in the orthodontic industry! He’s been instrumental in helping me navigate through my first orthodontic associateship after graduating from my orthodontic residency program and giving me great advice throughout the early stage of my career. Overall, he’s been a great mentor for me and I’m grateful for his support and guidance!

Neal Singh, Orthodontist, Fort Meyers, FL

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